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Reid Chapel Re-Enters Sanctuary

Reid Chapel Re-Enters Sanctuary On Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 10 AM Reid Chapel AME will reenter it’s sanctuary for the first time since March 2020. It has been 13 months since we last worshipped together in person. Thinking about it is overwhelming and encouraging all at the same time. COVID-19 did disrupt the world and the nation and our lives. When we re-enter the … Continue reading

26 Weeks Behind

26 Weeks Behind Us, 26 Weeks Ahead of Us

July is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s not my favorite because of the 4th of July and it’s not my favorite because of the South Carolina merciless heat. The beginning of July can be annoying with the sound of loud firecrackers that July 4 enthusiasts begin to fire up a few days before July 4, all day on July 4 and … Continue reading

SC Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in S.C. 2018

The 2018 Gubernatorial Democratic Primary in S.C., has proven to be an interesting and pivotal race. This Democratic Gubernatorial Primary is important because there hasn’t been a Democratic Governor in almost 30 years. With an untested incumbent Governor who has never won a major race running for the first time since his appointment proves to add momentum to Gubernatorial hopefuls. This is also the first … Continue reading

500th Anniversary Reformation

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

October was a special month in the life of the Church. While the world and specifically the United States has been reeling and rocking for the past few months as a result of the Alt Right Protest in Charlottesville, the aftermath of the Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and specifically Texas and Florida in the United States, followed by the fire storm of the NFL … Continue reading

The Alternate Right and Theology

The Great Sin of the 21st Century Evangelical Church is the support of Donald Trump for President and what he represented. Trump as a human may not be bad but the groups he represented and a gave a voice to are problematic to the Democratic experiment called democracy. The Evangelical support of Trump begs the question and support the thesis of Ta-Neishi Coates that Trump … Continue reading

Ministry Trends

Ministry Trends

America has never been a Christian Nation. But the Christian ethos, myth, and spirit has invaded her shores. She was present when the first settlers, who had little religion but a faith in a new nation, a new identity, landed on her shores. She was present when a faith group with Anabaptist tendencies and a Reformation Theology also landed in the Northeast, armed with a … Continue reading

Play your Position

Play your Position

Watching this year’s much anticipated NBA Finals literally a rematch from last year with a few additions on each team specifically the addition of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors. The first two games in the series took me back to my days of basketball in Charleston, SC at the West Ashely Parks, Playground and Recreational Center’s Basketball program. I thought about the grueling … Continue reading

Do Something

Do Something

I have lost two friends to gun violence. Both were born in the South: one in Texas, the other in South Carolina. One was killed in Prince George’s County, the other killed in Charleston, SC. One was killed in a city built on the outskirts of Washington, DC, a black metropolis, the center of government in the U.S. and the world; the other was killed … Continue reading

The Necessities of Spies

The Necessity of Spies

In the past few weeks, the news across the country is the James Comey testimony. It appears that the President is not guilty of anything except demanding that people in high places remain loyal to him. While nothing is wrong with this normally, it makes it looks as if something is wrong because of the stakes that are involved. When you read about the James … Continue reading

Words are Powerful

Words are Powerful

This past weekend, former Democratic Presidential Nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton graced the stage of Wellesley College some 48 years after she graduated to give the commencement address. Like all public speakers Clinton somehow got choked up and struggled for a few minutes with the speech. A few weeks ago with a sore throat, I tried to mount this pulpit and could … Continue reading