Press Coverage

These news clippings cover Rev. Grady's work as a community activist, as well as some of the innovative work he's done with his congregations.

  • Indy Star

    Mass transit supporters rally today at Indiana Statehouse

    About 50 business leaders, community advocates and clergy members rallied today at the Statehouse to urge the Indiana General Assembly to move forward with plans to fund an expansion of mass transit in Central Indiana.

  • AM 1310: The Light

    How Should African-Americans Feel About The Immigration Debate? Indy Religious & Labor Leaders Discuss Immigration on AWA

    It’s one of the biggest issues of 2013. The red hot debate in Congress over reforming the nation’s immigration laws. The US Senate has passed a detailed immigration bill that would toughen the borders while creating a path to citizenship for millions who entered the country illegally. And provide security for millions of children of illegal immigrants who were born in America , there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants from African and Caribbean nations who are of African descent. How should the African-American community regard the immigration issue? How does it impact the lack of jobs and opportunity in our Black community? A panel of organized labor and the religious community appeared on Afternoons with Amos to discuss this critical and emotional issue with Amos and listeners. Rev. Mel Jackson of Christian Love Baptist Church and Rev. Carey Grady of Bethel AME Church are part of IndyCan, the Indianapolis Congregational Action Network which has been among the Hoosier groups pushing for immigration reform. They were joined by James Meyer of UNITE, one of the many labor unions supporting immigration reform.

  • The Indianapolis Recorder

    Feeding God’s Children: Faith Groups Keep Up with Demand

    Some indicators show that the U.S. economy has steadily improved over the last year, with the number of unemployment claims and foreclosures going down.

  • Herald & Review

    Jubilee Day celebration has added joy of Obama’s election to presidency

    St. Peters African Methodist Episcopal Church was filled with people who came to celebrate a piece of paper that changed the character of a nation.