Epiphany: An Overlooked Season of the Christian Calendar

Our lives are centered on dates, events and activities. Christians across the globe center and organize our lives around the Christian Calendar. As a pastor our local church is organized around key dates and our local church calendar exist with the calendar for our Presiding Elder District, the Columbia Annual Conference, the 7th Episcopal District and the Connectional/Global AME Church. Along with those calendars our … Continue reading

The Alternate Right and Theology

The Great Sin of the 21st Century Evangelical Church is the support of Donald Trump for President and what he represented. Trump as a human may not be bad but the groups he represented and a gave a voice to are problematic to the Democratic experiment called democracy. The Evangelical support of Trump begs the question and support the thesis of Ta-Neishi Coates that Trump … Continue reading

Ministry Trends

Ministry Trends

America has never been a Christian Nation. But the Christian ethos, myth, and spirit has invaded her shores. She was present when the first settlers, who had little religion but a faith in a new nation, a new identity, landed on her shores. She was present when a faith group with Anabaptist tendencies and a Reformation Theology also landed in the Northeast, armed with a … Continue reading